Wednesday, June 22, 2011

World's oldest woman dies

Ana Carolina Fernandes │Reuters

Maria Gomes Valentim died Tuesday morning in the southeastern city of Carangola, Brazil at 114 years, just a couple weeks away from her 115th birthday. The Guinness World Records listed Valentim as the oldest living  human on May 18th of this year. She was born during the reign of Queen Victoria on July 9, 1896 and has lived in her small town of Carangola her whole life. She gained her longevity by eating a daily roll of bread and fruit for breakfast, and an occasional nip of wine.

She was windowed in 1946 after a 33 year marriage and they had one son; he died at age 75. She left behind  four grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren and five great-great grandchildren.  

"A secret to a long life is a healthy diet and a happy life," quoted by Valentim's great-granddaughter.

Sidenote: That's amazing don't we all wish we could live to see a whole century. She has witnessed the world change drastically. From the Spanish-American War to the rapid growth of technology, quite lovely.  

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